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Vaping story

I had decided to quit smoking again back in Jan of 2010. I had quit before, a number of times, and all lasting a fair amount of time. I always went back to smoking though, as i did enjoy the act of having a cigarette.

At that time, I had heard about e-cigs, and started doing a little research on them. I could of gone down to the local drugstore and picked up a cheap NJOY kit, but heard some horror stories in the forums of people who regretted their purchase.

I settled on getting a JOYE 510 kit, and ordered it with some backups; and that worked great. I was really surprised that I actually got the feeling of smoking when using it. But even though I really liked it, i still wasn’t able to go to it full time. I still enjoyed a real cigarette when i drank.

This went on for quite awhile, mixing smoking and vaping. I decided that the real drawback of the 510, for me, was the battery life; and I hated to think that the battery was going to die on me when i needed it. So picked up a Spade, and that was a whole lot better. Unfortunately, I lost it (I thought) over a summer vacation; so picked up a eGo as a replacement. That lasted up until I saw the Omega from Altsmoke, and i knew that I had to have it.

The Omega has been my only device that I keep with me and use on a daily basis. I have a GGTS that I won in the NVC raffle back in January of this year, but mostly keep that on a atty for juice testing. Being a gadget geek, i know that I will end up getting other mods (Alpha) and other accessories; but for now this is working for me.

Now, in this time, shortly after i picked up the Omega, I decided that i NEEDED to total cut out the smoking. This wasn’t because i hated it, or the smell, but just needed to do it for my health. Not getting any younger over here. After making that decision, it was extremely easy to just stop, and vape exclusively. The real test was the first time I drank. and I was scared that vaping wasn’t going to satisfy me after a few beers. I was wrong with that, so it is no longer a concern.

Enough on hardware, what about juices? I never was really big on trying different juices, if i found one that i liked, why change? I got lucky with Vapor Talk, as their Traditional Tobacco juice was wonderful. and though i tried a few other juices by them, this was the one i kept coming back to.

I tried other juices, and many of them just didn’t do it for me, I am not much of a fruity vaper, and really dislike menthol flavors. I have also had some horror stories of a few juices… can we say Honeybeez? My VT TT was the juice that I was staying with… that is, until Russ.

My wife was out of town, so spent time in the evenings watching VapeTV and seeing the live shows. One of the first shows that i watched was Click, Bang.. with Russ. He mentioned how great Boba’s Bounty by Alien Visions ejuice was; and so i decided to try a bottle. I havent gone back since. It is my all day vape, and even if i try something else, it is what come back to. Did a review on it a bit ago on YouTube.

So at this point I am staying steady with my Omega, on a LR cartomizer with Boba’s 🙂 am sure i will get caught up with other mods, but cant see myself switching juices.

Update to this post:

I first wrote this about a year ago, and since then ended up selling my mods. In favor of a set of Precise’s from Super T

Still Vaping Boba’s with a few other flavors when my taste buds get burnt out. Otherwise not much has changed, thinking on getting a couple more precise models to complete the set, and ATM Vaping on a vivi nova tank.

Latest Update (Jan 2023):

Now that Alien Visions have gone out of business, I had to change juices once again.. harder than I thought.  Though currently use various flavors of Ruthless juices.  and almost exclusively on Dotmod devices.  Still have a much of mechanical mods but just dont use them at all.  Have gotten boring after a while of this 🙂