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    Vaping story

    I had decided to quit smoking again back in Jan of 2010. I had quit before, a number of times, and all lasting a fair amount of time. I always went back to smoking though, as i did enjoy the act of having a cigarette. At that time, I had heard about e-cigs, and started…

    PS5 arrived last week!

    Am surprised that I was actually able to get one, not an easy task. Having fun playing Spiderman but not enough time to be had. Though am feeling the need for a 4k tv now LOL

    We now have a decent view of the lake

    We used to have tall trees across the road from our house. Right before we got locked down, they removed them all in order to build a house down by the water. The current plan has a long driveway coming down to the house so it looks like we will keep the lake view.

    Finally replaced my desk chair

    A lot more comfortable. and looks cool to boot

  • Set up the HDMI sync box

    Have the PS4 content syncing to the lights around the TV, and got all the automation set up so just have to tell Siri to “start gaming”. The lights go down, Music switches off, Gaming music switches on, PS4 & TV turn on, TV lights start syncing,

    Dotbox collection

    Have quite a few vape mods through the years, but only use a few now. 🙂

  • Playing around with Hue lights in my den

    Got it synced to my music, at least controlling it from the computer.

    Like the stump table

    Got it from Hillary, and it matches great in here. though I really need to do something about the wires behind the computer.

    Rory likes taking over my chair

    She loves sitting down in my den while I am down there, and more often than not, it is in my chair. Especially if I am in there too.

    Finishing up the site relaunch

    It has been over 10 years since I have really done anything with my site. I figured it was time to do something to make it a little more current so I wouldn’t be embarrassed about people seeing the code behind it.